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The IBM Quarter Century Club honours employees who have attained 25 years of service with the company.

The first gathering of the Quarter Century Club (QCC) took place on June 21, 1924 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Some 42 IBMers joined the Club as charter members that day, including 15 men with 30 or more years in IBM and its predecessor companies. 


The purposes of the IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc. are:

to foster communication, companionship, and friendship among the community of current and former employees of the IBM Corporation or its subsidiaries who have been employed by those entities for a total of 25 years or more as well as surviving partners.

Legal Status of the Club in Victoria

Legal Status of Chapters of the IBM Quarter Century Club

Chapters of the IBM Quarter Century Club are not entities of IBM Corporation, IBM Australia Limited, IBM Global Services Australia Limited nor of any other affiliated IBM company.  They are autonomous social clubs formed, operated, and financed by Chapter members entirely for their own purposes.

Legal Status of the IBM QCC of Victoria

The Victoria and Tasmania Chapter of the IBM Quarter Century Club became an Incorporated Association on 23 July 2018.

The registered name of the Association is: IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc.

The Registration Number is: A0103661O

Legal Status of the IBM Alumni Australia Inc.

At a Special General Meeting held on Sunday 26 May 2024, the members unanimously agreed to change the Club’s Constitution.

The revised Constitution was submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria on 30 May 2024 and was approved that same day.

The registered name of the Association is now: IBM Alumni Australia Inc.

The Registration Number remains unchanged: A0103661O


You can view the Club’s Constitution here: Constitution


Anybody living in Victoria or Tasmania who has qualified for the IBM Quarter Century Club is automatically included in the IBM QCC of Victoria.  The Club has both present and former employees of IBM Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world.  You don’t have to have qualified in Australia to become a member of our Club.


The IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc. normally holds two functions each year:

  1. Annual Lunch and AGM – July/August.
  2. Annual Dinner – November/December.  This is the Annual Induction Dinner where new members are welcomed to the Club and to which all members of our Chapter and their partner are invited.


The business of the IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc. is managed by a Committee comprising a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom are elected each year at the AGM.

Information about members of the Committee is available here: Committee

Email Addresses

Email addresses for contacting the IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc.

The QCC Web Site

The main objectives of this web site are:

  1. Provide an online service to members of the IBM Quarter Century Club of Victoria Inc.
  2. Enable Members to manage their own Blog notification subscriptions so that they can choose the items of interest to them for receiving communications from the QCC, e.g. Vale notices.
  3. Provide a self-service facility which will enable Members to update their own contact details, e.g. email address, phone number, postal address.
  4. Enable Members to Post items of interest to the Blog.

Getting Started Guide

A Getting Started Guide is available for viewing/download: IBM QCC VIC – Web Site – Getting Started – 22 Apr 2019


Information about the the NSW Quarter Century Club can be found here: https://ibmalumni.org.au/nsw-quarter-century-club/



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